Elevation 57 Brewing Co | Currently Available Rotational Beers @ Sessions: Milk Stout and Smokey Porter, Vienna Lager, Winter Lager, DDH Pilsner, ISA, Hazy Pale and Saison

About Canada's Highest Brewery

At 5,757 feet above sea level, Elevation 57 Brewing Co uses pristine mountain water from Rhonda Lake at the base of Big White Ski Resort's Cliff Chair while crafting their draughts.

Rhonda Lake is 6,600 feet above sea level and filled with the cleanest mountain water made from the beautiful Okanagan Champagne Powder that we enjoy in the region over the Winter, with this pure source being what we use as the base of all our beers.

Our professionally trained head brewer Brendan Amond is also bringing you his latest masterpieces this 2018/2019 Winter Season - 12 of the Okanagan's best Craft Beers, as well as Big White Ski Resort's Best Adult Indoor Activity, an exclusive Morning or Afternoon with the brewer - a session and private lesson where you will learn how to brew a batch of beer from start to finish with the Elevation 57 Brewers.

Big White's Best "ADULT" Indoor Activity

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